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"AMITHITA” Kameiros Park is a natural theme park, ideal for a daily trip, a meal with panoramic sea view or a refreshing stop during your island excursion.

What to do in "AMITHITA” Kameiros Park: fishing, boat trips to the scenic bays and rocky islets located around, hiking routes, cycling in the unknown nature of Rhodes, taste traditional foods in the traditional tavern, buy local products, meet the folklore and customs through the artistic exhibitions, local associations, music festivals. 

Location: in the 44th km. of national road of Rhodes-Kamiros, very close to the archeological site of Kameiros (Kameiros was one of the 3 ancient capitals of Rhodes). Right across is the island of Chalki and in a short distance anyone can visit the villages of Mandriko, Kritinia.


                        It includes, offers:

·         Taverna with traditional food from fresh local ingredients and products.

·         Local traditional products for you and your friends.

·         Exhibition and selling point with artistic items.

·         Folklore and tradition, through events, exhibitions, artistic activities in cooperation with cultural associations of the area.

·         Beach in the graphic bay for a swim in the crystal clear waters as well as

·         fishing with traditional tools accompanied by seafood treats

·         Boat trips with traditional Motor Sailer boat& professional fishing boat with captain to both of them - for an excursion to the neighboring bays, fishing retreats and rocky islets.

·         Nature walks for positive energy, acquaintance with the area’s flora and fauna and impressive panoramic views.

·         Cycling that combines exercise, well-being, revival. 



Normal stop, free visit to the park, daily trip that includes: boat trip and fishing, meal, walk or cycling. From morning until evening. Price per person: 55€, children 6-12 are charged 20€. Reservations for the boat are preferred through telephone or email.




        Meet the bells that are characteristic to the orthodox churches through a photography exhibition with 54 bells of the island as well as an exhibition of religious items.

        Gastronomy that includes honey of Rhodes, famous for its high quality and rich nutrients, excellent oils & olives, local famous Rhodian wine, ouzo and tsipouro, smoked fishes, sweets as well as more special products, ideal for presents and nights spent in the house with friends.

        The nature routes include stops in traditional villages, old churches, castles of Kritinia and Monolithos, remains, caves and waterfalls, mountains, valleys as well as the beaches of Attaviros and Kameiros. The routes are performed with the cooperation of the neighboring cultural associations of Kameiros & Attaviros.

        Indicative paths: climbing to Attaviros, valley of Kameiros, village of Agios Isidoros etc.

        Child keeper for small children with activities in the nature from 10.00-18.00.

        Music and other artistic events that will be announced promptly.

        Triathlon in cooperation with athletic excursion organizers. The Triathlon games include swimming, cycling, running and combine swimming at the sea and exercise in nature. 

44 klm, Kamiros Skala
Tel: 0030 2246 031091
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