Boat Trips



The shipping company has one type of motor yacht Moonraker for lovers of marine senses and escapes (and collaborates with companies renting sailboats).

Hull-Length 36ft. / 10.97m
LOA 39ft. / 11.89m
Beam 11ft.6in. / 3.5 million
Plan 2ft.4in. / 0.71m without keel
Displacement 6.5 / 7.5t
capacity gros 16,46 / net 7,44
Fuel 190gal. / 905L
Freshwater 90gal. / 405L
Engines 2 diesel Perkins 175Hp
Propeller 17 "x14" without keel
Speed ​​17 KTS cruse speed-21 KTS high speed
GFRP monocoque construction
Protocol 16 people
Klines 6 to 8 people
WC with shower 2
1 fully equipped kitchen
Dinky 3.2m - 5Hp


Recreation means activity or inactivity 
preplanned act with free will. The special feature of leisure is not the activity itself, but the attitude with which possible.

Positive mood - clean environment - openness

Entertainment by:

Music (and live)
Drink - lunch - snak
Relaxation - sunbathing
Swimming - Play
Gymnastics - stimulating
Fishing - diving
Mini adventures with (dink)

Always Comfortable and privacy!!!

Media industry - forecast
Our captain is available for information on shipbuilding, the mechanical - electrical - plumbing and other characteristics of the vessel.


In view of the journey

time - schedule - completeness - desire - possibility

1) coast of Rhodes, round off the harbor entrance and around the island.
2) Aegean islands (Symi - Halki - Tilos etc.)

3) Turkey coast

Multi Day

Our company organizes and fulfills your desires and ideals proposed multi-day trips.


3 day (2 nights)
Rhodes - Symi
Simi - Marble
Marbles - Rhodes

4 days (3 nights)
Rhodes - Symi
Symi - Tilos
Tilos - Halki
Halki - Rhodes

Nights: in and out
Diet: inside or outside
Transportation: car or bike

Spa - hair care - guided tours


4hr afternoon getaways data changes everyday and leisure tourism.
Moments overlooking the emerald island (2400) year history.
Unique colors sunsets bathe the atmosphere and your mood.
Music, champagne - drinks - fine wines - snaks - caviar - salmon - scallops roe-fill the moments.

Always privacy and comfortable

The vastness of the sea and travels fascinates the mind.

Fun - swimming - Game - Fishing - Sightseeing - information and that one wants to do in the 4-hour onboard display.


Within the vessel in port.

Floating meetings: business - personal - friendly - social - reading - relaxation - privet party - birthdays - anniversaries - decorations - change of environment and mood.
The meeting shall be determined by the time of stay, number and purpose.


Educational trips for prospective pilots cruisers.

Grant Rhodes on schools to educational travel for fulfillment of training.

Australias 74, Rhodes Town
Tel: 0030 22410 77780
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