Our Mandala Story starts year 2000 - What a fantastic year to start a vision – A life philosophy in microcosmos!

Rhodes, this wonderful magic island, has been the center of the world for me andmy daughter Bi since far back with the sea as our source of living: windsurfing, diving, sailing.

When our Mandala vision started 2000, we were extremly poor. It was a puzzle to survive every month.It was a tough journey. Everything was very primitive in the restaurant: a minimal kitchen,no dishwasher, very small fridge etc. The positive thing is that we grew with Mandala.The growth became natural and homogenic.

Delicious food in a fantastic environment

Operating hours: Mon – Sat.18:00 – Late & Sunday 13:00 – Late

Sofokleous 38 , Old Town , Rhodes Town
Tel: 0030 22410 38119
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