Kallithea Springs


The Kalithea Springs are located in the city of Kalithea and are only 9 km away from the city of Rhodes. They opened their doors on 1 July 2007 after many years of efforts made by the City of Kalithea and welcome you into the charming rooms of the restored Monument next to the sea. The unique combination of nature, architecture and history travels to a unique creative scene.
The unrivalled monumental architecture and pomp and circumstance of the space, with its unique mosaics, the Chamber of Rotunda, where once the healing waters were welled out, the Aethrio (Patio) and every corner of the Kalithea Springs are nostalgically bring us to an other era.
In nowadays, the Kalithea Springs, are a Monument of unequalled beauty, with a particular architecture, unique natural beauty, with presence in the local society, high level conference events and intense cultural activity, that has been fairly characterized as the best attraction of the island

Municipality of Kallithea, Kallithea
Tel: 0030 22410 65691
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